Top 5 Benefits of Unified Communications

In unified communication, companies integrate their real time services such as instant messaging, video conferencing with non-real time communication such as email, SMS and fax. With the growing popularity of unified communication, most of the businesses are now familiar with the idea of IP telephony. Companies can enhance their business performance by building their enterprise communication on unified communication platform. Unified system is made up of set of products that delivers reliable and unified user interface and user experience.

Unified communication

Unified communications platforms are designed to assist employees to carry out the work more effectively and in timely manner. It provides advanced telephony functions that include short number dialing which removes the use of areas codes and it is also quite helpful for businesses that are located in other geographical locations. So let’s discuss about the benefits of unified communication.

Benefits of Unified Communication

  • User-Friendly
    In unified communication, user can easily access their all communication via one phone number and one unified inbox and this system also eliminates the necessity to check various platforms.
  • Security
    Unified communication can encrypt the data that are transferred across the network to ensure the safety of data. This property is quite valuable when sensitive data is being communicated through mobile, landlines, video and email.
  • Single Number
    In unified communication system, user can use single number for all devices. Through UC, user can initiate their call at desk phone and continue their call via mobile when they leave the office.
    Unified communication systems
  • Cheap Call Rates
    In unified communication system, voice and video calls are usually carried over digital network so the call rates are quite cheaper than traditional telephony. With this advanced technique companies can easily cut down their phone bills.
  • Multiple Device Rings
    Unified communication system helps users when they are trying to call the target mobile, desk phone, desktop at the same time irrespective of their geographical location.

Unified communication systems cover wide range of technologies and applications that are designed to support single communication platforms. Deploying unified communication solution to your enterprise do not only save the infrastructure cost but it also delivers value to the clients. So choose the best company who can simplify your network infrastructure to take your business to next generation enterprise.

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