All about Your Instant Messaging Compliance Needs

Whenever your organization wants to leverage any of the instant messaging platforms for business purposes it is important to also think about compliance. Instant messaging compliance ensures that you meet all the prevailing legal, regulatory, and corporate requirements. There are several public instant messaging platforms that you can employ in your organization to equip your employees with an easy to use communication and collaboration solution that works in real time. Some of the commonly used IM platforms include Skype, AIM, Yahoo, QQ, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, etc.

Why Compliance? orange_libon_android_app_large_banner_520x300x24_fill_h622f06c6
Instant messaging is fast replacing traditional means of communication employed within the business environment such as email. This rapid adoption of real time messaging solutions has revolutionized the way companies communicate but also presented a number of challenges. This has necessitated compliance.

Compliance is not only the law but it is also good business. It is important to ensure that all the requirements pertaining to the supervision and archiving of data are met as this saves you from data loss as well as crippling sanctions form regulatory bodies such as SEC, FCA, FINRA, FERC, and FDA, among many others.

The best way to attain full compliance and ensure zero data loss is to find the right solution for the task. There are a number of solutions in the market for various requirements of enterprise instant messaging.

What Benefit Do You Derive?
It goes without saying that securing the right compliance solution and integrating it into your systems gives you compliance with the law. You need that in business to avoid court battles and punitive measures.

The solutions also go a long way in giving you control and making your communications more secure and efficient. Some of the qualities of a typical solution include a guaranteed delivery, message order preservation, tamper-proof stamps, and WORM compliance.

integrations_lync_imgYou need to find a reliable service provider who has the right solution for the regulations that obtain in your industry. The solution must not impose a proprietary IM solution on you but rather help you gain compliance with the same solutions that you are using at the moment. Research widely and compare your options carefully. Look at what other players in the industry are using decide whether you have any unique need which sets you apart from other players.

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